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" Between Black & Brown
Reflections of hope
In the midnight glow of a sky
sparkling with millions of little stars
glistening over a sea of potential "


~ ~ ~

" If the present is the future of yesterday,
Then a stone is time compressed into physical matter
Encapsulating the memories of its planet "

~ ~ ~

" From the depth of space to the bottom of the (Baltic) Sea,
Pandora's Box awaits. "

~ ~ ~

" The sage perfumes the air of its wisdom,
Protective and cleansing,
Fragrant and healing ... "

~ ~ ~

" Enter the magnificent void
Through a fracture in time
A portal to the eternal
Eventually coming back to my temporary home
Awaiting for a new shell
for my ghost to inhabit
impatient for the next download
I let my soul float in the peaceful
yet complex perceived emptiness of the cosmos. "

~ ~ ~

" As above, so below.
The cosmos is just an external reflection of our inner universe:
Each cell a planet, Each atom a star "

~ ~ ~

"Endless Desert
Wrinkled Soil
Waiting for the sky to cry
Tender tears of love
Hydrating life
Back into the cracks of time"

~ ~ ~


" Rust is the color of time "

~ ~ ~


" Dressed in a coat of white stillness, 
the snow-covered landscape echoes in silence "

~ ~ ~


" Dressed in a coat of white stillness, 
the snow-covered dunes echo in silence "

~ ~ ~


" Dressed in a coat of white stillness, 
the snow-covered desert echoes in silence "

~ ~ ~


" On a stormy day,
the horizon sheepishly appears
from behind a robe of clouds
and lays bare to agitated sterling waves
in a symphony of blues, greens and greys. "

~ ~ ~


" An invisible choreographer
Directing stalks of flowering flax to bend to its will
Caressing crops
With the tenderness of a mother’s touch
Golden rays flickering in the light
As the stems dance from left to right 
Like a row of ballerinas perfectly aligned
Waving their hands in the air
To the rhythm of the elements ...
The wind is not only music
But also the conductor of this moment "

~ ~ ~



" I am the Garbo of the unknown."

~ ~ ~


"Struggling and often stuck
at the railroad crossing of my self worth,

I wish I to inspire

before I expire "

~ ~ ~


" Under the fool moon, I listen to my own tides. "

~ ~ ~


" Silence is a space

Where we integrate the melodies of life.

Like a breath of wisdom,

Sprouting from a temporary stillness

Allowing us to escape a momentary madness

Grounding us into the moment,

Creating an opening for the next resonance

As if preparing for the lyrics of our soul's grand entrance."

~ ~ ~


" Silence is the music of stillness "

~ ~ ~


" Words were floating and rearranging in the air
until it rained poetry "

~ ~ ~


" Great design is about simplicity

so that life may shine around it."

~ ~ ~


" An ode to black.
From Nordic sand,
To Icelandic volcanoes,
Lava black and river rocks,
Mirroring the darkness of the sky
Listening to the cosmos
For information that comes without words or images "

~ ~ ~


" So-called crazy ideas, thoughts and concepts,

Books and movies are the blueprints of our future(s)

Because the mind cannot tap into what does not exist

In the space time continuum of physics, quantum physics

and alternate universes;

The only bridge between imagination and reality is time. "

~ ~ ~


" For & Give

Means twice away from me.

I free myself

I detach and let go

Not for you

But for me

I will never forget

And will never let you know

But I forgive you

Because you have contributed to the person I am today.

So Thank you and Fuck you! "

~ ~ ~


Dark sky

Bright flickering stars

Plunging my hand

In the softest sand

Squeezing these particles of time

Warm textured sensations

Dreams of a past - Ascending

Memories of a future - Descending

Sitting in the middle


A fog of wisdom

Wrapping itself around my experience

I feel small and irrelevant

Yet fully grounded and present

In visible awe of all this beauty

What is making all this possible

I look above

And see the night sky

and heavenly stars winking at me

In silence,

I wink back

I smile

I am not alone

~ ~ ~

" To be human is to be traumatized "

~ ~ ~


" Sandstone: encapsulating memories of our origins,
waiting to be re-discovered, integrated and accepted at last!
Guardians of ancient secrets hiding in plain sight:
each grain remnant of universal truths
and our place in the space time continuum / multiverses.
Waiting for a storm to lift these particles of time elapsed
to reveal information buried below.
As below so above,
As above, so below. "

~ ~ ~


Each pixel a memory

Each memory a string of beads

Each bead a moment

Each moment a universe of its own

Encapsulating infinite sensory perceptions

Full of knowledge and understanding

Feeding the Akashic Records

Each pixel a set of vibrations

Vibratos of experiences

Creating a symphony for the universe

Rocking my soul to peaces

And eternal wisdom

On my way home

Each pixel a spark

Each spark a star

Each star a memory

As I look up

I see others like me

I am home

I am safe

I am one



~ ~ ~


Invisible pain

In visible pain

If my anger represents one second in time

It bursts after thousands of triggers

And micro-triggers

When it does

I feel a split in my soul

A profound sadness.

I feel trapped in my body

Drowning in a sea of low level emotions

At the same time grateful for the experience

Yet, I want to rip it all off

Like a vinyl suit

Clingy and suffocating

Unable to breathe

Longing for freedom and tenderness

Longing for a breath of fresh air

Is my anger a reflection of how much I care?

What if I am just a mirror,

Amplifying what others feel around me?

What if this anger does not belong to me?

What if my anger covers a greater sadness for humanity?

As I feel the noose of society becoming tighter,

And witnessing the death of logic

Common sense & integrity

Freedom & privacy

Independence & individuality

I am witnessing the death of creativity.

Where is the charm?

Where is the poetry?

Where is the mystery?

I can't find my compassion anymore,

Why do I even care?

Lack of integrity

Lack of generosity

Lack of transparency

Lack of honesty

Lack of beauty

Always being asked for more

When will it be enough?

When will I be enough?

I want to break free from this internal hell

And let my spirit soar out of its shell

Into the cosmos

Spreading my light

Without blinding anyone,

Or creating shade for anyone,

Or triggering anyone!

I need to flap my wings of greatness

Even if in secret



Even for a moment

Completely free



I need infinite space to be me

Everything else is just too small

Everything else is just too slow


In patience

I breathe in

And let the anger out

I breathe out

Then let the cosmos in

I reconnect to the multiverses within me

Internal space
Infinite space


Alone, yet not lonely!

At peace

At last, a moment of bliss.

At one with divine source

As I switch the letters of the word anger

The space within expands

At last

I let go of my anger

And let in a new range

Of experience, resilience and hope

As I let the sun shine

On the dark corners of my emotions

I care no matter what

Even if it is a contract

Between me and my soul

I choose to care

And if feeling pain and anger

Allows me to experience the full rainbow of emotions

That of which makes me human

and a sensitive one at that

I will continue to feel deeply - always

Because it is a reminder of my incarnation

Into the physical world that is here and now

Into the physical world that is me now.


" Above an ocean of tears,
A stormy sky
Reflecting my inner turmoil.
Clash of three elements
Finding their connection to one another,
Just as body mind spirit;
Air water sand
Waves of darkness
Crashing onto the shore of life
Waves of confusion
Memories, doubts and self reflection
I am struggling with my incarnation
My inner/hidden life
Foaming with painful emotions
Lingering before disappearing
Reabsorbed by the granules of time.
Bracing for the next cycle.
But now, I am ready to let go
And receive joy
As the waves wash away my sorrows
Just as a ray of sunshine
Breaking though the angry sky,
A beam of light vibrates
As the clouds of heaviness
That once weighted upon my heart
Make way for a new element
Longing for a new experience of self
A sense of harmony and inner peace.
Suddenly, in between the brakes, stillness
I can hear hope
I can taste the salt of happiness
And as the winds of tenderness caress my face
I am present
I am grounded
It is delightful
I am grateful. "

~ ~ ~


North is the new South

South is the new North

Self-care is the new selfish

Selfish is the new self-care

Conspiracy is the new common sense

Common sense is the new conspiracy

TV comedy is the new truth

TV "truth" in the new comedy
Outside is the new inside

Inside is the new outside

Luxury is the new simplicity

Simplicity is the new luxury

Black is the new White

White is the new Black

As above so below

From grassroots to underground

So below will rise above!

~ ~ ~


Only time can soften the sharp edges of pain

~ ~ ~

I used to feel like a tourist in my body.

My soul reluctantly landing,

Observing life
From a distance, from behind my shell

As if peeking from behind a door

Looking through the key holes of my eyes.

Now, at 50, I feel like a citizen of my body.

My internal echo has lessened

I have landed.

Or have I?

~ ~ ~


Invisible despair / In visible despair

Invisible hope / In visible hope

Invisible beauty / In visible beauty

Invisible hate / In visible hate

Invisible love / In visible love

Invisible darkness / In visible darkness

Invisible light / In visible light

Invisible depression / In visible depression

Invisible hope / In visible hope

Invisible pain / In visible pain

Invisible chaos / In visible chaos

Invisible turmoil / In visible turmoil

Invisible violence / In visible violence

Invisible harm / In visible harm

Invisible transformation / In visible transformation

Invisible resilience / In visible resilience

Invisible happiness / In visible happiness

Invisible stillness / In visible stillness

Invisible peace / In visible peace

Invisible awe / In visible awe

Invisible gratitude / In visible gratitude

~ ~ ~


“No one is all light or all dark,

but it is how we navigate our dark waters

that will determine whether we are

a beacon of light, a guiding star or just a mere reflection on the water, disappearing at the slightest undulation.”

It is ok to be a tourist in our own darkness,

but we must reside in our light!

~ ~ ~





D elph in

The elf in

The elf within



Gem In I

The gem in I

The gem within

~ ~ ~


A process is as personal as an individual thumbprint.  

The timing of that process is like the ripening of a fruit on the tree of life.  Though they are from the same tree, 

each fruit will ripen at a different rate 

and be ready for the picking in its own time.

~ ~ ~


" Each person has their own level of capacity.

Capacity for pain or pleasure,

Failure or success,

Grief or happiness.

So who are we to judge them,

Not knowing the bigger picture.

Who are we to judge ….

ourselves? " "

~ ~ ~


" If illusions represent the edge of reality,

You remain a delicious ‘one’

spun from my heart’s wishful imagination.

Your written words go through me

and make my soul tingle,

but fade away so quickly

I had to hijack a few for this little ditty.

You feel like a statue made out of thin air …

A delicious invisible

even if I have to imagine what you look like,

feel like, taste like, smell like …

I want more!

Yet how can I grasp this mysterious hologram that is you.

Rather, I’d like you to tattoo me with your intentions,

Even if just written – at this time

I want to savor those words

because they come from you.

I want to feel you, embrace you, touch you:

Allowing you to infuse my body and soul with your sensual thoughts

leading me to burst with sensations … of possibilities.

I miss you even though we’ve never met.

I want to reach out, but there is nothing to hold …

except my dreams of you …

and a possible us.

Who knows?

But one day …

I will be looking for more substance …

And I hope you can become my sustenance. "

~ ~ ~

" Science Fiction is just a bridge between the future's future

and the present.
Allowing for humanity, as a mass,
to adapt and catch up to the complexity of what seems impossible now.

Yet, the mind cannot tap into what does not exist.

Creativity and imagination do not belong to us,

they pass through a few ...
and are simply tinted through our own lenses and experiences.

If you can think it, it is real ... somewhere, somehow
or will be. "

~ ~ ~


" In visible awe ...
















Just because you don't see it
doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Always remember that there is a rich universe in the unseen

and that it is all around us.

Live in visible awe of the mystery and power of the invisible.
The invisible is where all the magic happens "

~ ~ ~


49th KEY

Bending the fabric of time

A fissure

Slowly ripping through the space time continuum

Bleeding through layers of time

Seeping into multiverses

Merging the past present and future into one

Integrating forgotten truths

Shaking humanity with quantum based enigmas

In pursuit of the forbidden

Do I dare ask?

Could I handle the answers?

Invited for a brief moment

I float in the Akashic Records

Soaking in all the answers

From the beginning of time

Lingering in dark blue matter

Littered by sprinkles of light

Blue, Green, Purple and white

I let myself be

In this beam of invisible light


Like a vacuum sucking me back in
I'm slowly coming back into my shell

There is a lot more to tell

I am loosing the knowledge

But not the memory of the experience.

Like playing a vinyl in reverse

I feel like a leaf floating on warm wind

Swirling into a place

as I surrender into this whirlwind

I do not know where I'm going

I am not in control

The great invisible is guiding me

through a vortex in time

I trust that the program that made me

Will take me to where I need to be.

~ ~ ~


Fireworks might be pretty and full of sparkles

But nothing is a beautiful as a sunset or a sunrise.

Nothing as grand or vivid as the colors of the rainbow

reflecting on the celestial and wild blue yonder

Imagine an invisible painter dipping its brush into tinted clouds

With the stroke of its imagination, creating multi-colored skies

Sometimes moody and dark, sometimes vibrant, peaceful and bright

Allowing the mysteries and mystical to coincide.

Sweeping gestures of hues and frequencies harmonizing within and above us.

Adding a little light here and intelligence there

A bit of white with specks of yellow and black

creating moons and satellites

Adding a few nebulas here and planets there …

Galaxies of color, magical unknowns and heavenly stars

Is anyone else as moved by the beauty and mystery that surrounds us every night?

As I look up, like the Friedrich(s) and Whistler(s) of the world before me,

I can’t help but be inspired and let the beauty of it all fill my reservoir

Memories of this moment like a pixel for my soul

Who is the truest artist of us all?

Who are we to compete with the beauty of this planet?

We’re only mere filters, interpreters …

At best, biographers of a moment

Bursting with spiritual and orphic undertones.

In the shifting tides of emotional hues

I can feel the North Sea's blues
Where myths and mysteries collide,
Dakini's wisdom is deep and wide.
Beneath the waves, where secrets sleep,

A treasure lies in caverns deep
Guarded by the ocean's embrace,
Its glimmer lost in time and space.
The wind whispers of tales untold,
In twilight's hues of greys and gold.


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